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The Neches Independent School District, established and supported by the community, will provide an excellent, well-balanced education in a safe environment for all students.

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A supportive community, exceptional administration & staff, rigorous curriculum & instruction, strong extra-curricular tradition...these are the things that define BUILDING CHAMPIONS in Tiger Country.  We are committed to ensuring that our students are given the best opportunities to shine!


Adopted Budget 2023-2024

Proposed Budget 2023-2024

Adopted Budget 2022-2023

Proposed Budget 2022-2023

Proposed Budget 2021-2022 
Adopted Budget 2021-2022
Proposed Budget 2020-2021 
Adopted Budget 2020-2021         

FIRST Report 2021-2022

Texas Academic Performance            Report 22-23

Texas Academic Performance           Report 21-22     

Texas Academic Performance           Report 20-21

Texas Academic Performance           Report 19-20             

Asbestos Notice 2022


Pest Management Program

District Improvement Plan 2022 -2023

Elementary Campus Improvement Plan 2022 - 2023

Elementary Campus Improvement Plan 2023-2024

High School Campus Improvement Plan 2022 - 2023

High School Campus Improvement Plan 2023 - 2024

District of Innovation Plan 2022-2027

Nondiscrimination Notice

Board Policy Manual

Wellness Policy

Debt Transparency

2023 NISD Federal Report Card

2023 High School Federal Report Card

2023 Elementary Federal Report Card

2022 NISD Federal Report Card

2022 High School Federal Report Card

2022 Elementary Federal Report Card

2021 NISD Federal Report Card

2021 High School Federal Report Card

2021 Elementary Federal Report Card

2023-24 Student Handbook

2023-24 Student Code of Conduct

TVCC Dual Credit Partnership Agreement 2023-2024

Jacksonville College Dual Credit Partnership Agreement 2021 - 2022

Neches Independent School District Parental Involvement Plan

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